Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Update

I don't have time this week to make a video and since it's almost December I'm on a deadline on making a "Thanksgiving update" post. So here it is.

Debbie's Green Beans!
This Thanksgiving was very different. My hubby, Mother in Law and I drove back to Florida where my amazing family is for Thanksgiving as usual but what was different was the fact that this was the first year that my plate was not piled up and I didn't have seconds NOR did I snack around the kitchen for the rest of the day. My contribution was some healthy delicious green beans (as seen on left). And in all the madness we forgot the rolls which is a blessing in disguise because I can't seem to control my bread intake some times. lol 

My mini Me/ Beautiful niece and me.
I did have some Pecan pie with ice cream (I am still human) Then we had fun, played games and talked all night.
My favorite part (well.. one of many) is when some people saw me they were saying "Hey Skinny Minny" and "look at you!! You're disappearing!" And while I know (and they obviously know) I'm not a "skinny minny" by definition ..of the fake word... BUT I am much smaller than I once was. Down 55 pounds and going for more!


My Almost Rainbow Juice

Just a quick video about my morning juice this week